Product Quality and Measurement

Propane Product Dispute

Investigated the design and operation of a natural gas liquid fractionation, storage, and loading facility located on the Red Sea to determine potential causes of alleged hydrogen sulfide contamination of propane cargoes.  Matter was filed in London High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division Commercial Court.

Jet Fuel Quality Improvement Team

Investigated the root causes for the degradation of jet fuel stability at a refinery.  Conclusions included inadequate treating facilities, poor production control, and inadequate quality control measurement and procedures.

Crude Oil Metering Dispute

Investigated alleged tampering with crude oil Automatic Custody Transfer volume and quality measuring devices.  Reviewed common carrier pipeline tariffs, inspected site, and analyzed measurement data. Determined that pipeline company had the right to disconnect the offending shipper.

LPG Pipeline Specifications

Evaluated pipeline tariffs, product specifications, connection agreements, and LPG sales agreements for the export of LPG to northern Mexico from fractionation facilities in West Texas.  Determined fractionator feedstock and product economics.

Ethylene Meter Dispute

Evaluated custody transfer measurement practices, measurement data, and measurement devices arising from a dispute between two chemical companies interchanging feedstock and products.

Due to our significant operating experience in both process plants and pipelines, our consultants have expertise in gas and liquid quality specifications and measurement practices.

We have reviewed refinery and NGL fractionation design and operations in order to troubleshoot product quality issues, and conducted reviews of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural gas metering to ensure compliance with tariffs and sales agreements.