Scott A. Fraser

Scott joined Watson Millican as an Associate Consultant in September 2010. He has over 35 years of engineering and commercial experience in power generation, gasification, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Scott’s extensive experience in the development and management of power projects has been applied in a wide range of assignments both as a consultant and directly representing the owners as well as contractors for early stage project assessments, EPC contract negotiation, construction execution, operational assessments, and asset valuation.  These projects have utilized coal, biomass, solid waste, natural gas, diesel and heavy fuel oil within both conventional  steam boilers, fluidized bed combustion, gasification, combustion turbine/combined cycle, and large reciprocating engines for both utility power generation and industrial co-generation applications. Scott has also participated extensively in the development of LNG receiving terminals.

Scott is a registered professional engineer in Canada. Scott has testified in international arbitrations involving power generation and industrial co-generation disputes in India and the United States.

  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Queens University – 1978
  • M.B.A. – Dalhousie University – 1986

Example Engagements

  • Power Plant Development – Directed project planning and permitting, and negotiated an EPC contract for a combined heat and power plant conversion and upgrade to combined cycle located in a major urban area in Eastern Europe.
  • Boiler and Turbine Supply and Installation – On behalf of contractor, led the negotiation and finalization of a supply and installation contract for a coal-fired 660 MW supercritical boiler/turbine unit in India.
  • Refinery Utility Plant Dispute – Performed site investigation, prepared expert reports, and testified in ICC arbitration on the behalf of the owner involved in an EPC dispute.  Issues including desalination system performance, seawater pipeline corrosion, boiler combustion concerns, and other related plant deficiencies.
  • Power Plant Due Diligence – Supported numerous clients with due diligence assessments of existing power generation assets involving pulverized coal, circulating fluidized bed, combined cycle, and reciprocating engines.  Provided long term estimates of expected performance, operating costs and future capital reinvestment requirements as part of market valuations.
  • Steam Plant Incident – Investigated the root cause of a major steam line “water hammer” event and provided onsite technical direction to establish plant restoration requirements, including staff training update and revised operating procedures.  Interviewed operating staff and documented findings.
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed Failure Analysis – Led technical investigation team to establish root cause of repeated boiler tube failures, which were ultimately traced to inadequate material quality control during the shop fabrication and field erection by the original equipment manufacturer.
  • Captive Power Plant Construction Dispute – Performed field investigations, prepared expert reports, and testified in arbitration on the behalf of the owner in an EPC dispute associated with three industrial coal fired boilers.   Issues included fuel quality concerns, multiple premature component failures, and cause of construction delays.

Associate Consultant

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