Insurance Claims

Australian Process Facility Dispute

Analyzed a kerosene-based solvent extraction facility construction with respect to industry standards at time of construction and assisted in the preparation of an expert report, on behalf of insurers.

Chemical Plant Heater Explosion Business Interruption and Property Damage

Investigated the root cause for explosion of process heater.  The heater was destroyed and resulted in property damage and business interruption litigation.  Provided expert testimony.

Gas Plant Insurance Claims

Conducted damage assessment of large natural gas processing facility in southern Louisiana that experienced severe flooding from Hurricane Katrina.  Assisted owner in preparing insurance claim to recover repair and replacement costs for damaged gas turbine units.

Petroleum Products Pipeline Failure

Reviewed operation and maintenance history for a major petroleum product pipeline that suffered a failure and release of product, resulting in litigation.

Offshore Platform Contingent Business Interruption Claim

Reviewed and analyzed service company business interruption claims regarding the shutdown and delay in start up of offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  The platforms’ operations had been impacted by the 2005 hurricanes Dennis, Rita, and Katrina.

Specialty Chemical Plant Business Interruption and Market Loss

Evaluated business interruption claim for fire at a sulfonyls production facility.  Prepared pricing and market share study impact from outage.  Prepared expert report.

Power Plant Gas Turbine Evaporative Cooler Fire

Investigated the cause of a fire involving the evaporative cooler structured media in the combustion air pre-treatment housing for a new power plant gas turbine under construction in Texas.  Matter involved issues of inadequate warning of the flammability of the media.  Provided expert testimony including jury trial.

Gas Distribution System Damage Assessment

Assessed damage to urban natural gas distribution system that experienced flooding from Hurricane Katrina.  Prepared cost estimates for repairs to city gate stations, pressure regulating stations, mains, service line, and customer meters.

Crude Oil Pipeline Failure

Reviewed operation, maintenance, and inspection history for a crude oil pipeline that suffered a failure and release of crude oil.

Watson Millican & Company consultants have assisted owner/operators, adjustors, and insurance underwriters in both property damage and business interruption claims involving energy facilities and their operations.

Our consultants have performed damage assessments and repair cost estimates for facilities impacted by natural disasters and industrial accidents.

Our operations and commercial expertise allow us to both prepare and evaluate business interruption claims. We have also been called upon to provide expert testimony when the claim is disputed or the contractual terms require expertise in construction industry practice.