Power Generation

Combined Cycle Cogeneration Plant Valuation

Completed an income analysis for a large natural gas combined cycle cogeneration power plant in Texas and assisted licensed appraiser in preparing a market value report in support of property tax litigation.  Income analyses covered multiple tax years and considered different operating scenarios as part of highest and best use assessment.  Also assisted in cost approach and functional obsolescence determination.  Provided deposition testimony in support of work.

Utility Plant Dispute

Acted as technical expert in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract dispute in International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Arbitration over claims made by owner against contractor related to the design and construction of utility plant facilities supporting a large refinery complex.  Claims involved the design of asphalt fired steam boilers, a seawater desalination unit, seawater piping, corrosion, and other plant design issues.  Conducted several site investigations, prepared expert reports, and testified before ICC Arbitration panel.

Cogeneration Plant Valuation

Conducted economic valuation of large gas-fired combined cycle cogeneration plant located in the Midwest for support of property tax assessment.  Developed cash flow model to verify historical income streams and forecast cash flows based on various fuel and power price assumptions and plant operating and efficiency parameters.

Hurricane Damage Assessments and Loss Estimates

Performed physical inspection and developed estimated cost of loss caused by storm and flood damage due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to electrical power generating plants and electrical distribution systems across southern Louisiana and Texas with specific emphasis in the greater New Orleans area.  Prepared reports for adjustor and insurer and assisted in negotiations with the insured.

Power Plant Steam Turbine Failure Analysis

Performed root cause failure analysis of 125 Megawatt (MW) power generating steam turbine that failed after overhaul.  Evaluated vibration data, maintenance records, material failure analysis, and inspected site.  Determined failure caused by poor steam path cleanliness practices during maintenance activities.

Electrical Power Plant Steam Turbine Failure Investigation

Performed root cause failure investigation of 160 Megawatt (MW) power generating steam turbine in Nevada.  Conducted site inspection, performed physical evidence analysis, reviewed design and construction practices, and analyzed steam path cleanliness practices during maintenance.  Determined failure caused by the circulation of debris through the steam path.  Provided expert report and testimony.

Power Plant Gas Turbine Evaporative Cooler Fire

Investigated the cause of a fire involving the evaporative cooler structured media in the combustion air pre-treatment housing for a new power plant gas turbine under construction in Texas.  Matter involved issues of inadequate warning of the flammability of the media.  Provided expert testimony including jury trial.

Power Plant Development

Led the development engineering for a 1,200 Megawatt (MW) gas-fired combined cycle power plant constructed near Oklahoma City.  Developed complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Scope Book, negotiated EPC contract, managed a ten-mile water pipeline project as well as transmission and two major natural gas interconnections.  Supported efforts for project financing, special use zoning approval, and air and water permits.

Project Development for Cogeneration Plant

Prepared project specifications, financial evaluation and equipment selection for 80 Megawatt (MW) gas turbine cogeneration plant integrated into a chemical facility in Texas.

Cogeneration Plant

Responsible for development and construction of 40 Megawatt (MW) cogeneration plant in the U.S. Gulf Coast area that provided electrical and thermal energy to adjacent NGL processing plant.  Conducted economic analysis, negotiated EPC and maintenance contracts, and developed unique power purchase agreement with host NGL plant.

Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipment Failures

Reviewed and advised on the suitability of a contractor’s engineering design for an operating 500 Megawatt (MW) Caribbean power plant.  Systems reviewed included the failed seawater cooling steel piping, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) fuel handling and compression, and compliance with design and environmental standards and practices.

Electrical Power Line Maintenance Fatality

Investigated cause of fatality during power line maintenance.  Analyzed the physical evidence, reviewed owner and contractor boom truck operation, line workers’ maintenance and safety procedures and practices, and developed probable accident scenarios.  Developed virtual reconstruction of the incident.

Coal Plant Development

Performed assessment of coal and petroleum coke fuel supply options for multiple power generation facilities, including regional fuel supply assessments and solid fuel delivery logistics such as marine, rail, and road transport.

Power Plant Costing

Prepared multiple capital and operating cost studies for a wide range of utility and industrial power generation facilities in domestic and international markets, including estimated project development costs, EPC cost estimates, and comparisons with competing technologies for capacities from 5 MW to over 2,000 MW capacity.

Coal Plant Performance Evaluation

Prepared detailed evaluation of waste coal plant(s) performance, including impact of fuel quality on plant efficiency and output capacity, as well as assessments of biomass utilization.

Coal Plant Design and Construction

Participated as lead technical specialist in the development, permitting, procurement and construction of a $500 million coal fired power plant over a five year period.   Specified, negotiated and administered the EPC contract for the main power plant facilities.

Operation and Maintenance for Electrical Distribution System

Responsible for operation and maintenance of a refinery 230 Kilovolt (KV) electrical distribution system having a connected load of 180 Megawatt (MW) and included cogeneration facilities.

Watson Millican & Company has experience with power generation facilities including large fossil-fueled utility plants, utilities dedicated to hydrocarbon processing facilities, and cogeneration plants.

With electric deregulation and escalating energy prices, there has been and will continue to be a significant amount of construction of power generation plants around the world.

Our consultants have been involved in power plant project development activities, failure and damage assessments of plants and equipment, and power plant construction disputes.