Terminals and Distribution

Fire at Retail Gasoline Station

Investigated cause of flash fire at retail gasoline station during tanker truck unloading.  Reviewed owner and contractor operating and safety procedures and practices.  Reviewed equipment design.  Reconstructed incident from surveillance video, interviews and physical evidence.

Leakage at a Petroleum Products Terminal and Pipeline

Assisted attorneys in the review and assessment of product spills and leaks from storage tanks and pipeline manifolds.

Management of Refined Products Terminals

Managed the operating business for large refined products terminal and additional jointly owned refined product terminals in Texas and Florida.

Petroleum Terminal Due Diligence and Valuation

Performed due diligence of petroleum and chemical storage terminal including tanks, docks, rail and trucking loading facilities.  Inspected site, conducted interviews and reviewed operating records.

Refined Petroleum Products Truck Rack Fire

On behalf of a petroleum product trucking company, investigated the root cause of a vapor cloud ignition and flash fire at a oil refinery truck rack.  Considered applicable NFPA, OSHA and EPA standards for metering and loading hazardous liquids. Prepared expert reports on cause & effect, business interruption, and property damage.

Motor Gasoline Supply Chain Analysis

Performed review and analysis of the North East U.S. motor gasoline supply chain. The analysis involved the preparation of multi-year supply and demand balances by modes of supply of gasoline and distribution based on publicly available information. 

Capacity Study for Refined Products Terminals

Studied capacity at existing refined product terminals in southeast Texas compared against needs for a major refinery expansion.  Determined the various breakpoints in capacity required to efficiently handle the projected increases in petroleum product volumes from the expanded refinery and identified possible optimization of the existing tankage currently under the control of the refinery owner.

Petroleum Product Terminal Failure

Reviewed operation, maintenance, and inspection procedures and relevant history for refined products terminal which allegedly suffered failures and subsequent release of their contents and resulted in litigation caused by groundwater contamination.

Analysis of Product Volumes Through Terminal

Analyzed and tabulated multiple years of volumes of refined products into and out of a Gulf Coast storage and distribution terminal for dispute concerning throughput commitments in a terminalling contract.

Survey of Prevailing Commercial Terminal and Storage Fees

Performed survey of prevailing commercial fees and terms at refined product terminals in the northeast U.S. for storage, throughput arrangement, additive injection and truck and rail racks.  Provided report to client who was considering marketing expansion and acquisitions in the northeast U.S. market.

Watson Millican & Company brings together  considerable technical expertise, operating company experience, and commercial knowledge to assist clients with unique issues in the storage and distribution of crude oil, LPG and petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuels.

Terminals serve as central locations for storage, the origin of distribution pipelines, and for loading and unloading of ships, barges, rail and trucks. They are key logistical assets which facilitate the movement of materials from producers to end users.

We have led audits of operating and measurement practices, including tests for adherence to contract requirements and standard practice. Our consultants have performed numerous valuations and due diligence associated with an acquisition or divestiture of assets. Our investigations of accidents, including explosions, fires and injuries, have been executed for operating companies, as well as legal and insurance clients.